Relatives of a 2-year-old boy mauled by a dog Sunday night wailed and prayed to the Lord for help as they pleaded with emergency workers to hurry to their home near Mount Pleasant.

Charleston County authorities released two 9-minute 911 tapes from the incident Tuesday. The tapes reveal a frantic and chaotic scene as relatives of young Ja’Marr Tiller struggled to contain their emotions as they tried to get him help.

“The dog attacked my nephew. I think he’s dying. Please! Please!” his aunt, Octavia Johnson shouted into the phone to a county dispatcher. “In the name of Jesus … Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! ...Lord, we need you! Lord, we need you!”

The dispatcher tried several times to calm Johnson as she confronted the horror in front of her.

The family had put Ja’Marr to bed at their home off U.S. Highway 17 around dusk. But Ja’Marr, who loved to run, climbed down a flight of stairs and slipped unnoticed out the back door. On a dirt-packed yard next to some junked cars, a dog or perhaps two or more attacked the toddler, biting him all over his body.

When the boy’s mother returned to their home moments later, she found Ja’Marr on the ground with his clothes torn off.

“I do not know if he is still alive! “ Johnson shouted, out of breath. “Those dogs chewed Ja’Marr up … Somebody get here now!”

Johnson, 36, rushed out to the boy, and with the help of a neighbor, performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Paramedics took the injured child to Medical University Hospital, where he died.

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