North Charleston police have identified a suspect in Saturday's robbery of painkillers from a Walgreen's store.

Capt. Scott Deckard said the suspected robber is Joseph Bussman, 46, of North Charleston. Bussman remains at large, he said.

The robber, who used tweezers to hand a note to a Walgreen's pharmacist. got away with nearly 800 OxyContin pills, police said. The robbery happened about 7:10 p.m. Saturday at the store on Dorchester Road.

A white man with red hair walked to the counter and showed the note, which was held with tweezers and said “pain killers now or get hurt,” an incident report said. Police spokesman Spencer Pryor said the robber revealed a handgun in his waistband but didn't draw the weapon.

After the pharmacist asked him what variety of painkillers he wanted, the robber specified OxyContin and that he didn't want oxycodone, the generic version. The pharmacist gave the man 792 OxyContin pills of various strengths, according to the report. The medications were valued at $1,500.

In interviews, the pharmacist told the police that a woman had been in the store earlier Saturday, asking whether any stores in the area had been robbed recently.

The woman said “she wouldn't want anything to happen to them if they were to get robbed today,” the report said.

Investigators do not know whether the encounter was related to the robbery that night.

Detectives asked for people who have information on Bussman to call police at 740-2812 or Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.