Suspect in fatal stabbing also suffered cuts during North Charleston brawl

A 20-year-old man who said he stabbed three people in self-defense last week in North Charleston also was wounded during the scuffle, according to an incident report released Monday.

Alexander Duke was cut in the wrist and the thigh during the skirmish early Friday at 5701 Deidrich St. He also had a gash on his face, the report stated.

The resident of Winona Street is listed as a suspect, but he has not been arrested in the fatal stabbing of Stewart Edward Pelfrey, 30, and the wounding of two other men.

After the stabbings, Duke waived his right to remain silent and talked to officers from the North Charleston Police Department, the document stated.

He told them that he had gone to the mobile home west of Dorchester Road to pick up one girl and to talk with his 15-year-old girlfriend.

The woman who lived at the home and her boyfriend had invited some people to a get-together there late Thursday and into Friday morning. The teenage girls were guests there.

Duke told the officers that he was talking with his girlfriend when a group of men started punching him and pulled him from his Ford Explorer. They hit and kicked him, the report stated.

During the alleged attack, Duke said he grabbed a knife that he keeps in his vehicle for personal protection. He started slashing at the men as he lay on the ground, he said, and continued to wave the knife and throw jabs as he got up, the report stated.

He knew that he had stabbed at least one man in the chest, Duke told the police. That man was later determined to be Pelfrey, and his wound was fatal.

Duke managed to injure two other men, including 20-year-old Andrew James Cumpston of Goblet Road. The identity of the third victim wasn't clear in the report.

Everyone continued to yell at Duke to leave, he later told the police, so he climbed into his Ford and drove 4 miles to his mother's house on Holbird Street.

That's where he said he noticed his own injuries for the first time. The report doesn't specify whether he had been cut by his own knife.

Officers found him at his mother's house, sitting on a toilet and tending to his wounds.

In addition to the cuts on his wright and his right thigh, one of his eyes was swollen and bloody. It looked like he had been hit, the report stated.

Duke was treated at Medical University Hospital and later released.

Family members of Pelfrey's have argued that Pelfrey was simply trying to break up an argument when a man with a knife attacked him.

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