‘Survivor’ the world according to Kim

“Survivor: One World” contestants Kim Spradlin (center) Chelsea Meissner (right) and Sabrina Thompson react after Spradlin is crowned sole survivor during the live reunion show in New York on Sunday night.

LOS ANGELES — “Survivor: One World” should probably have just been called “Survivor: Kim’s World.”

Kim Spradlin not only won the CBS reality competition’s $1 million grand prize Sunday, the crafty 29-year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio also brought the alliance that she helped form at the game’s outset to the final tribal council, all while engineering the dismissal of each member of the show’s nine-person jury of former players.

“I strategized until I was blue in the face,” said Spradlin.

The jury ultimately voted for Spradlin over her allies, 26-year-old medical saleswoman Chelsea Meissner of Charleston and 33-year-old high school teacher Sabrina Thompson of New York. Spradlin, Meissner and Thompson worked together from the first day of the game, which originally featured two tribes divided by sex living on Samoa.

“We were a mess at the beginning, and then we just pulled it together,” said Thompson, who nabbed two jury votes to Spradlin’s seven. Spradlin also received the most viewer votes, winning an additional $100,000 fan-favorite prize.

“Survivor” host Jeff Probst announced that the upcoming 25th season would be titled “Survivor: Philippines” and would feature three tribes as well as three returning contestants that previously were removed from the game for medical concerns.