North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey is undergoing another surgery today, this time to fuse two vertebrae and correct nerve damage that has caused numbness in his hands.

Summey said this recent problem apparently is not directly related to his three surgeries earlier this year. He said the problem could have originated from an injury from when he played football in high school.

“It’s probably been there for a long time and just started pinching the nerve,” he said Monday. He originally thought he was having a return of carpal tunnel syndrome, but his doctors traced the problem to his back.

Summey said he expects to remain in the hospital a few days but hopes to be checking in with his staff while recuperating from home as early as Thursday. He hopes to return to City Hall next week.

Summey said this type of corrective back surgery is pretty routine, adding, “I know a lot of people who have had it done and have had pretty good success with it.”

Summey’s full-time mayoral job makes him the city’s top executive as well as chairman of its City Council. He cruised to re-election last year, but this summer has been a rough one. He had emergency gallbladder surgery in late May and was in and out of the hospital two subsequent times for related infections stemming from his artificial knee.

“I’m looking forward to getting this over with and getting back to normal,” he said.

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