Summerville signal changes should ease traffic

Traffic flows along Main Street in Summerville. Upgraded traffic signals should improve traffic flow through the town.

Traffic signals are being upgraded at 14 intersections in Summerville to improve the flow of traffic along Main Street.

The town is partnering with the S.C. Department of Transportation to upgrade the signals on U.S. Highway 17A from Richardson Avenue to Beauregard Road to an adaptive signal system that will communicate with other signals and adjust the timing based on traffic volumes.

The system will give priority to traffic with higher volumes but not require motorists to wait at intersections with no cross traffic.

The software is expected to be installed and operating by the end of February.

“The upgrade is not a solution, but it should ease congestion on U.S. 17A.” Summerville Mayor Bill Collins said. “(It) is one of many steps we hope to take to improve traffic flow.’

The $450,000 project is being funded by Summerville, DOT, Berkeley County Transportation Committee and Dorchester County Transportation Committee.