Summerville police seek carjacking suspects

Blake Kafka inspects his 2003 Infiniti after it was wrecked near Azalea Rd. in Sumerville Monday afternoon.

SUMMERVILLE - Police are chasing two suspected carjackers who stole a car and crashed it in Summerville Monday afternoon.

About 1 p.m., the suspects forcibly took a car from Blake Kafka at the Old Trolley Road library.

Kafka had left the library and entered his car when a man “sticks a gun in my chest” and ordered him out of the vehicle.

The stolen car crashed into another vehhicle on Rose Lane off Azalea Dr. and the two suspects fled into the woods. The driver of the other car suffered slight injuries, but was not taken to the hospital according to Summervile Capt. Jon Rogers.

Police units are on scene searching for the suspects.

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