A Summerville man pleaded guilty to abusing four horses in Berkeley County Magistrate’s Court Thursday.

Dwight N. Benjamin McCloud, of 1181 Old Dairy Road in Summerville, was charged by Berkeley County Animal Control last month with three counts of failure to provide care or treatment for a diseased or injured animal, three counts of failure to provide humane treatment to animals and one count of failure to provide adequate food and water.

He was fined $5,462.50 on five of those charges on Thursday. He was given 30 days to pay or serve 30 days in jail for each charge.

Two other charges will be considered in two weeks to give McCloud a chance to comply with them. If he does, those charges will be reduced to court costs of $55 each, said Chief Magistrate Ava Bryant Ayers.

Afterward, Elizabeth Steed, founder of LEARN horse rescue said she was disappointed that McCloud was not sentenced to serve community service.

McCloud voluntarily gave up two of his horses to LEARN earlier this month and had agreed to comply with certain conditions for the two remaining horses.

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