SULLIVAN’S ISLAND — Tuesday’s mayoral election results revealed a sharp political divide among residents who almost re-elected incumbent Carl Smith as a write-in candidate.

In a tight race, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Perkis, the only official candidate for mayor, received 52 percent of the vote to 48 percent for Smith. Some 56 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

On Wednesday, Perkis said he will seek to to unite islanders to focus on issues such as a new Town Hall and the accreted beachfront management plan. He plans to seek a dialogue with the people who voted against him.

“I’m going to try to reach out to them. We’re all good people. We have the best interests of the town at heart,” he said.

Smith supporter Barbara Spell said the 427 people who cast a ballot for him were supporting a controversial referendum on the new elementary school, which at 74,000 square feet would dwarf the old school.

“Islanders are clearly concerned about the size and location of the proposed new school,” she said.

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