A Fort Dorchester High School student was arrested at his graduation Saturday after an underage girl said he and three others had sex with her and recorded it on a cellphone.

Ryan Randall Deaton, 18, of Kirkwall Drive in Summerville faces seven charges related to an incident February. The exact charges were not available late Tuesday. He was taken into custody at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Here’s what the girl told school officials and police, according to an incident report.

She had three shots of vodka and went to a 19-year-old man’s house on Law Boulevard in North Charleston on Feb. 17. Two 18-year-old men and a juvenile were also there. They all started smoking marijuana and she started feeling sick and went to lie down in a bedroom.

One of the men came into the bedroom and she gave him permission to kiss her, then consented to have sex with him. The other two men and juvenile came into the room and also started having sex with her against her will.

She later received texts with nude photos and videos of her having sex.