Struggling to find food, bears in Smoky Mountains setting their sights on cars

This screen capture from a WVLT-TV/NDN news video shows a black bear in a Tennessee woman’s car after the bear had broken in to steal food.

GATLINBURG, Tenn. — A Great Smoky Mountains National Park spokesman says a lack of wild food in the park this year has caused hungry bears to become increasingly brazen in their attempts to take people’s food.

On Monday, a bear crawled in through a Gatlinburg woman’s open car window. In a separate incident, a woman in the Smoky Mountains says the presence of a doughnut caused a bear to break through her windshield.

Park spokesman Brent Everitt tells WVLT-TV that bears are preparing to hibernate, causing them to break into cars and cabins in the search for food.

Everitt says that cherries, one of the bears’ primary food sources, didn’t appear in the park in August. He says there has also been a lack of acorns and nuts spotted in the park.


Information from: WVLT-TV,