The clothes meant to dress the scarecrows of Legare Farms during the fall season events have gone missing.

Someone broke into the farm’s shed and stole all the clothes they use to dress their scarecrows on the site, according to one of the farm’s owners, Thomas Legare, Jr.

The farm holds an annual pumpkin patch event, where scarecrows usually adorn the farm. Visitors can also pay $10 to make a scarecrow on site. The farm provides the hay and clothes.

But last weekend, the farm’s owners noticed all the blue jeans and flannel shirts they’d collected from thrift stores and yard sales had been stolen, Legare said.

Legare said 30 pairs of jeans were taken.

“This is probably the weirdest thing we’ve had stolen over the years,” he said.

The farm’s Facebook page pleaded for some last minute donations of old clothing. “They were all sizes so we’re not sure why someone would steal used clothes. Anyway we need more clothes to finish up the month. Good chance to clean out your closets,” stated the Facebook post.