Sen. Jim DeMint’s lawyer apparently has succeeded in getting at least two Charleston area television stations to pull an ad that attacked DeMint’s eight-year-old position against gays teaching in public schools.

Warren Redman-Gress, executive director of the Alliance for Full Acceptance, said the story has received attention in the nation’s gay and lesbian community since it first was reported this week.

“People just can’t believe one person can stop an advocacy campaign just because he doesn’t like the fact he was quoted in it,” he said.

The ad being: “What if you saw this headline: Senator Jim DeMint: Jews Should Not Teach Public School. You wouldn’t tolerate such blatant prejudice and persecution. Substitute the word ‘gay’ and the reality is, you do.”

DeMint’s Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell had asked Charleston area televisions stations to pull the ad.

In her email to a local television station, Mitchell claimed the ad portrayed DeMint as anti-Semitic, though Charleston’s Jewish community has raised no concerns along that line.

Mitchell declined to comment Thursday, saying, “I just can’t talk about the work I do for my clients.”

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