State Board of Education approves 10-point grading scale

Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman

The S.C. Board of Education unanimously agreed to adopt a 10-point grading scale for all high schools starting in the 2016-17 school year, state Superintendent Molly Spearman announced Tuesday.

The shift from a 7-point scale to a 10-point scale “will level the playing field for all of our students while maintaining our high academic standards,” Spearman said in a statement.

The change may also allow as many as 13,000 more high school students to qualify for lottery-funded scholarships requiring high grade point averages.

“I am pleased to see this exciting change to our grading system,” Spearman said. “The adoption of a 10-point grading scale will benefit military and other families as they transfer into South Carolina schools while also providing all of our students an equal opportunity to compete with their counterparts in neighboring states for college admission, athletic and academic scholarships, and national awards.”

Under the current seven-point scale, a 93-100 is an A; 85-92 is a B; 77-84 is a C; 70-76 is a D; and 69 and below is an F. Under a 10-point scale, a 90 to 100 is an A; 80-89 a B; 70-79 a C; and 60-69 a D.

The new grading scale will affect the way students’ GPAs are calculated for transcripts, class rank or athletic eligibility requirements.

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