St. Maarten verdict due today

Michael and Thelma King were found stabbed to death in their condo in St. Maartens in September 2012(Source:Facebook)

A judge in St. Maarten is expected to impose sentencing today in the case of three men charged in the September killings of Michael and Thelma King of Mount Pleasant.

Testimony in the case wrapped up after a two-day trial on the island in April. The trial, conducted under Dutch law, did not have a jury. Judge Tamara Tijhuis will render a verdict and impose sentencing. As they have for past hearings in the case, the Kings’ relatives traveled this week to St. Maarten to attend the proceeding.

Prosecutors have recommended a life prison term for Meyshane Kemar Johnson, 29, the man accused of slitting the couples’ throats.

He has continued to insist that he has no recollection of Sept. 19, the night the Kings were killed in their beachfront villa in Cupecoy.

Johnson and his co-defendants, Jeremiah Chevon Mills, 18, and Jamal Jefferson Woolford, 21, are accused of entering the Kings’ home to rob them after committing another holdup at a Chinese restaurant earlier the same evening.

Prosecutors have recommended 24 years in prison for Woolford and 28 years for Mills, each of whom is believed to have played a lesser role in the actual killings.

Prosecutors said that while Johnson held Michael King at knifepoint, Mills and Woolford tied Thelma King to a chair and gagged and blindfolded her.

Johnson reportedly slit Michael King’s throat and repeatedly stabbed him before taking a knife to Thelma King while she was helpless and bound with pieces of a shredded towel.

The suspects are believed to have taken about $80,000 in jewelry and cash from the Kings’ home.