St. Johns Yacht Harbor to replace bridge ‘damaged beyond repair’

A bridge to St. Johns Yacht Harbor was “damaged beyond repair” on Friday.

A bridge to St. Johns Yacht Harbor is “damaged beyond repair,” a manager said Tuesday.

The bridge to the club off Maybank Highway on Johns Island failed Friday due to a weight-related issue, a Harbor employee said at the time. No injuries were reported.

Bill Chamberlain said Tuesday that the club is exploring all options to replace the bridge and that there isn’t a set time frame, but it was taking longer than expected.

In the meantime, the club will remain open and patrons are asked to use the south parking lot and a boardwalk for access. About 100 cars are still stranded at the club.

An employee reached by phone Tuesday evening said the club is working to try and get another temporary-type bridge to remove the cars.

The Stono Breeze restaurant, which is located at the club but open to the general public, remains open for business. Owner Tonya Adams said employees are using a golf cart to shuttle patrons to and from the boardwalk to the restaurant.

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