Solicitor: Fatal shooting of murder suspect in St. George justified

Norwalk (Conn.) Police Dept. Vamond Elmore was shot in St. George by SLED, Dorchester deputies and U.S. Marshals. He was wanted in Connecticut for murder among other things. (Provided)

Two State Law Enforcement Division agents "acted in accordance with the law" when they fatally shot murder suspect Vamond Elmore outside a Southern Inn hotel in St. George, 1st Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe announced on Monday.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office handled an investigation into the shooting last month on Winningham Road.

In a letter to Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon, Pascoe said his office reviewed all of the evidence related to the shooting and found "absolutely no criminal wrongdoing" on the part of either agent.

"The one thing this incident does establish is the danger law enforcement officers face every day," Pascoe added.

U.S. Marshals, Dorchester County sheriff's deputies and SLED agents tracked Elmore, 37, to the hotel the morning of July 22. He was wanted in connection with a May homicide in Norwalk, Conn., authorities said.

Elmore came out of the hotel with a pistol in his hand, authorities said. Two SLED agents then fired their weapons, killing Elmore.

In his letter, Pascoe said the agents were Lt. Craig Collier and Lt. Fred Powell.

Both agents identified themselves as law enforcement and tried to arrest Elmore, Pascoe said. Instead of surrendering, Elmore pointed his weapon at one of the men.

"The situation as it presented itself was totally due to the actions of Mr. Vamond Elmore, who has a lengthy and violent criminal history. ... The agents had no choice but to discharge their firearms towards Mr. Elmore.

"In conclusion, I find that Lt. Collier and Lt. Powell acted with the good faith belief that Elmore posed a significant risk of injury or death to themselves as well as other officer and citizens in the area," Pascoe said.

Pascoe concluded his letter by saying the Solicitor's Office now considers the matter closed.

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