Social media recap: Elliott Summey goes big on ALS challenge; a sea turtle smile

Anna Paras, 5, and her toy sea turtle attracts the attention of Coretta the sea turtle at the South Carolina Aquarium Saturday, August 16. By Andy Paras

If you're on Facebook, you have probably noticed dozens of your friends posting videos of themselves dumping buckets of water on their heads as part of a brilliant social media campaign to benefit ALS charities.

Among the many Ice Bucket Challenge videos I've seen the one to really stand out so far is from Charleston County Council Elliott Summey, who used a very, very big bucket from an excavator to do the dumping.

"In North Charleston you go big or you go home," Summey says on the video.

I normally use this space to showcase the cool stuff YOU post on social media but I couldn't not share this photo I took of my 5-year-old daughter interacting with Coretta the sea turtle at the South Carolina Aquarium Saturday.

Anna insisted on bringing her stuffed turtle to the aquarium and was so excited when she saw Coretta that she held up her stuffed turtle to the glass and, surprisingly, got a reaction.

Check out my Facebook page to watch the entire sequence of events, from her first spotting the toy to her stopping and interacting with it. She had a more subtle reaction a second time, which was caught on video.

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