SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. — The mayor of Simpsonville ordered a security officer to remove a councilwoman from a city council meeting after an argument began while officials discussed installing a street curb.

The Greenville News reports that Simpsonville Councilwoman Sylvia Lockaby was ejected Tuesday night by Mayor Janice Curtis.

Lockaby’s dismissal came in the middle of a discussion about a grant to help fund installation of a new curb on where officials said stormwater comes off the road and onto private properties.

Lockaby said there are stormwater issues all over the city, but Curtis said now was not the time for arguments. A dispute began between the two over whether Lockaby was being argumentative.

Eventually, Curtis told Lockaby to stop speaking, but Lockaby refused, prompting Curtis to ask a police officer working security to escort Lockaby out.


Information from: The Greenville News,