U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office said the senator’s bill addressing mental illness and gun sales will be introduced today or possibly Wednesday.

The federal legislation comes in response to the February incident at Ashley Hall School where Alice Boland is accused of trying to fire a handgun at school officials.

Graham has called for firearm prohibitions against people who use claims of mental illness to skirt criminal conviction records.

Several years ago after Boland had threatened to kill the president, she avoided a felony conviction because she claimed insanity, a move that allowed her to buy the gun sused at Ashley Hall.

Graham said he his effort will ensure that “people like her” can’t buy a gun in a store.

Part of Graham’s proposal will include provisions to prosecute people who use deception in trying to buy a gun.

Boland, 28, of Beaufort, faces attempted murder and gun charges. She is accused of pointing a pistol at an Ashley Hall official and pulling the trigger. The weapon was loaded, but it didn’t fire because no cartridge was in the chamber. Boland thought it was defective.

She remains in jail.