Searching the streets to find an easy target

De’Andre Marquell Murphy (left) and Jahmal Jerome Green Jr. are wanted on murder charges.

Police say two teens rode around looking for somebody walking alone before killing and robbing a local musician behind a Park Circle bar earlier this week.

Two 20-year-old women were arrested Friday and charged as accessories in the murder of 43-year-old Eric Brantley. Two 17-year-old North Charleston men are being sought on murder charges.

Victoria Vanessa Deas of Midland Park Road in North Charleston and London Tiera Shyann Maybank of Jervey Avenue in Charleston are being held in the Cannon Detention Center. Police are looking for Jahmal Jerome Green Jr. of East Montague Avenue and De’Andre Marquell Murphy of Pine Forest Drive on murder charges.

A firefighter found Brantley’s body around 7:20 a.m. Wednesday in a parking lot on Chateau Avenue. His body was behind The Sparrow, a bar where he had worked the night before. He had been shot several times in the head and torso. Police learned that gunshots had been reported in the area at 3:32 a.m.

Surveillance videos showed a white Dodge Durango in the area at the time the shots were reported, according to the arrest affidavits for Deas and Maybank. Investigators tracked down the two women and pieced together the following narrative:

Deas was driving the Durango, with Maybank as a passenger. Deas picked up Green and Murphy to “do a lick,” which is slang for committing a robbery. Green and Murphy got in with guns.

Deas drove around until they spotted Brantley walking alone. Green told her where to park. Green and Murphy got out, walked up to Brantley, shot him several times and robbed him. They got back in the SUV and Deas drove away.

“At no time did the defendant (Deas or Maybank) attempt to stop the robbery or resulting homicide, or assist the victim after hearing multiple gunshots, nor report the aforementioned crimes, nor aid the police at the time of the aforementioned crimes,” the affidavit states.

Deas and Maybank appeared at a bond hearing Friday morning, although the magistrate couldn’t set bail.

Murder suspect Green lost his own father to a homicide 15 years ago. In June 2001, the body of Jahmal Green Sr. was found lying in Brown Cemetery on Justin Street in West Ashley, his face shredded by gunfire, police said.

The elder Green’s killers acted with cold efficiency — multiple shots to the head, the damage so severe that a closed casket was the only option at his funeral, authorities have said. The identity of his killers remains unknown and no charges have been filed in connection with his death.

Brantley was known for his love of bikes. He specialized in repairing, maintaining and restoring Japanese motorcycles built before 1979. Friends called him a talented musician and artist known for his sense of humor.

It was the 12th homicide recorded this year in the city and the 21st in the tri-county area.

Glenn Smith contributed to this report. Reach Dave Munday at 843-937-5553.