SC film history on new Film Commission app

This is a screen capture of the SC Film Commission's new smartphone app. (PROVIDED)

The feature films "The Patriot," "Forrest Gump" and "Cold Mountain" all have something in common - they were filmed in whole or in part in South Carolina. The same is true of lesser-known flicks such as "Swamp Thing," "The Valley of Hate" and "Chain Gang."

Now a new app released by the South Carolina Film Commission provides a filmography of all feature films and television shows filmed in the state during the past century.

Ostensibly the app, Film SC, is designed for directors, producers and location scouts. It provides a quick look at filming in the state - from driving distances and the availability of film crews to a listing of film incentives and even what the foliage is like in different parts of the state at different times of the year.

But for visitors, residents and South Carolina film buffs, the fun part is the filmography which quickly chronicles the state's film history and where in the state the films and shows were made.

The app lists 194 feature films, television shows, cable movies, movies of the week and miniseries filmed at least in part in South Carolina over the past century. The earliest is a film titled "The Valley of Hate," produced in 1914 by Kay-Bee Pictures and Mutual Film.

In all, 109 feature films have been shot in South Carolina between 1914 and last year. And, since 1979, at least one feature film has been made every year.

Last year, state lawmakers sweetened incentives for film productions and now allow production companies to be reimbursed 20 percent on payroll taxes for wages for out-of-state workers and 25 percent for state residents. Productions also can save up to 30 percent on taxes when buying at local businesses. The breaks kick in once a production spends $1 million.

Charleston, with its colonial-era architecture, has been the site of the largest number of productions, with 80 filmed in the city over the years.

In addition to feature films, 54 cable movies or movies of the week, 26 television shows and 5 television miniseries have also been made in South Carolina.

"We believe that this new app will appeal to locals, visitors, scouts and filmmakers alike," Duane Parrish, the director of the state Departments of Parks, Recreation and Tourism said in a release.

"It's a fun and interactive way to explore the state and will remind users of how many classic films and television shows have shot throughout South Carolina," Parrish added. The Film Commission is part of the parks department.

The app is for Apple tablets and iPhones can be downloaded from the iTunes store.