Say ‘baaa’ to winter: Middleton place welcomes 3 little lambs early

Three Gulf Coast lambs were born Wednesday at Middleton Place, the first of the 2015 breeding season. Gulf Coast is one of the oldest breeds of sheep in North America.

Three lambs, including a pair of twins, were born Wednesday to heritage breed Gulf Coast ewes that are part of Middleton Place’s livestock. The births, all ewes, were a little early, but the birthing season usually begins in late winter or early spring, said Tracey Todd, chief operations officer. The horned sheep are also called native sheep, and are among the oldest North American livestock breeds, descended from sheep brought by early Spanish explorers. They were common on Southern plantations because they handle heat and humidity well, Todd said. The Middleton Place sheep are shorn once a year and the wool threads are available at the plantation. The lambs won’t be alone for long. The other eight adult ewes are each pregnant, Todd said.

Bo Petersen