S.C. Historical Society completes its move to College of Charleston

This new sign in the College of Charleston’s Addleston Library reflects the new arrival of the S.C. Historical Society’s archives.

South Carolina’s largest private collection of books, letters, journals and other documents has completed its half-mile trek across downtown Charleston.

The S.C. Historical Society decided to transfer its collection from its Fireproof Building at 100 Meeting St. to the third floor of the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library, and the move was completed late last week.

The society’s collection had outgrown the historic 19th century building, which also lacks proper climate controls. It is planning to renovate the building for continued use as its offices, school tours and special events.

The partnership between the Historical Society and the college has a precedent, according to historian Walter Edgar, a former president of the society, which started in 1855. “In fact, our collections survived during the Civil War because they were stored, not in our headquarters, but at the college,” he said.

A special exhibition on the historic partnership is set to open on March 2 next to the Addlestone Library’s Special Collections area.

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