Riders want restrictions eased on horses on Myrtle Beach

AP FILE - A woman rides a horse on a beach in southern Spain in 2011. Myrtle beach officials have banned horse riding on its beaches throughout the year.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Riders want Myrtle Beach City Council to ease recently enforced restrictions on horses on the beach.

Local media outlets report that nearly 50 equestrians attended Tuesday’s council meeting.

The city has had a law on the books banning horses on the beach without a special event permit but it wasn’t enforced until last month. In November there were numerous complaints of horse droppings on the shore after a large number of riders participated in a charity ride.

Councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat says horses on a beach that is quickly becoming a year-round tourist destination present safety issues. The riders say horseback riding attracts thousands of visitors to the area.

Mayor John Rhodes asked the riders to work with the city staff to develop new rules for horses on the beach.