This used to be one of those places where you took your grievance to Town Hall, they called you by your name and fixed it, more often than not.

Then the town started growing. Now people bring their problems on petitions signed by hundreds.

But the problems — like the growth causing them — just have no easy fix.

The Weatherstone subdivision residents are coming back to Town Council on Wednesday, to try to stop the town from extending a dead-end road spur in their sprawling subdivision, opening it through to the Palmetto Park neighborhood and U.S. Highway 78.

The residents have at least 300 signatures on a petition, just like they did three years ago when their opposition led council to quietly table the extension.

This time, council decided to open the access road in August without notifying residents first.

Police and fire officials say they and the subdivision residents need an alternate way in or out in case of an emergency, a way that doesn’t put them on rush-hour-packed North Main Street.

“We wanted to do it for what we believe are safety issues,” said Councilman Terry Jenkins, who represents the subdivision.

“If it creates issues we’ll close it off, put a barrier across it and use it only in emergencies like a hurricane.”

The residents don’t want through traffic on streets in a residential community with 750 homes.

There’s a quieter spoken concern for crime. Weatherstone is a relatively new subdivision of comfortable homes. The older Palmetto Park sits alongside the shooting-troubled Robynwyn neighborhood, where police have responded to growing gang concerns by forming a rapid response team.

“Once our home was completed the following January, with the trees bare of their leaves, we could see that our home backed up to a very rundown neighborhood.

Within the first year, we’d been burglarized by two men from that neighborhood,” one resident wrote Jenkins and Mayor Bill Collins in a letter that also was forwarded to The Post and Courier.

The residents want the town to connect North Palmetto Street to a more commercial street off Main Street nearby.

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