Berkeley County voters will head to the polls Tuesday to vote in the Republican primary for the special election for sheriff.

Fourteen names will be on the ballot: Brian Adams, Robert Bittner, Omar Brown, Chad Caldwell, Calvitt “Chab” Clarke, Ricky Driggers, Frank Fuda, Marty Housand, Danny Isgett, Duane Lewis, Jerry Merrithew, Rick Ollic, Will Rogers and John Waters.

The Berkeley County Republican Party executive committee voted 23-10 on Monday to deny a protest by Fuda over Adams’ paperwork, allowing Adams’ name to stay in the race.

All registered voters are eligible to participate in the primary, Berkeley County Election Director Adam Hammons said.

If no candidate gets a majority — that is 50 percent of votes cast plus 1 — the two top voter-getters will have a runoff May 5. Voters do not have to participate in the primary to vote May 5.

The Republican candidate will face Democrat Anthony Smalls in the general election June 9.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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