Two men whose car was peppered with more than a dozen bullets Monday morning on the James Island Connector were baffled about why they were targeted, according to police supplemental reports.

Jasmine Hudson, 35, of North Charleston and Antonio Grant, 32, of Hanahan had just visited the Palm Tree Lounge, but the nightclub on Old Folly Road was “dead,” they said. They hung out for a little while and left about 1:45 a.m.

They didn’t get into any fights, they said. In answering investigators’ questions, the two friends who have criminal histories denied displaying any gang signs that would have provoked an attack, the reports stated.

But about 15 minutes after they left the club, an SUV with its high beams on pulled behind the car Hudson was driving. Hudson first heard a “ting ting ting,” he told the police, around the trunk. Windows shattered. Hudson hit the brakes, and the SUV rolled by with someone still shooting at the car.

“Me and my homeboy got shot up,” Hudson later told a 911 dispatcher. “They did a drive-by on us.”

But when the gunfire ended, the men didn’t say who might have attacked them. Hudson had been cut by flying glass, and Grant was shot in the leg. Their wounds were not life-threatening.

Grant praised God and his loved ones after surviving the ordeal.

“God is good,” he wrote on Facebook. “Even though I got hit up, me and ... Hudson made it.”

The Charleston Police Department has not identified any suspects in the shooting or determined any motive, agency spokesman Charles Francis said.

Grant has past convictions for felony assault and distribution of crack cocaine, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

He was sentenced to five years in prison for assault and battery with intent to kill after Charleston County deputies said he shot a handgun into a car in April 2007, according to court documents. A bullet hit one of the four occupants, a woman, in the neck.

Hudson has a history of possessing cocaine and crack cocaine and of failure to stop for blue lights, SLED records show.

His last conviction resulted in a seven-year prison sentence after the police said he had crack cocaine in his car in November 2006 when he sped away from a traffic stop in North Charleston.

On New Year’s Eve, he wrote on Facebook that he was thankful to have been free for a year, but that he chose to spend the holiday quietly at home instead of in a nightclub.

On Sunday night, police reports stated, Hudson watched a movie at his girlfriend’s home in North Charleston. He then used her car to pick up Grant and drive to the James Island club.

Hudson tried to shield his friend from the bullets on the eastbound James Island Connector near the Harbor View Road exit, according to the documents.

The gunfire woke up at least one resident on nearby Theresa Drive.

A taxi driver drove by the scene shortly after the shooting, the police said, but no witnesses reported seeing the assailants’ vehicle.

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