Rented mopeds, golf carts in Myrtle Beach to be registered

Myrtle Beach officials adopted an ordinance Tuesday that requires low-speed vehicles to be inspected and registered with the city.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Myrtle Beach is giving companies that rent mopeds, powered scooters, golf carts and other low-speed vehicles a month to have the vehicles inspected and registered with the city.

Local media outlets report there have been numerous complaints about careless driving of such vehicles. Council approved the new rules Tuesday.

Representatives of the rental industry say the ordinance is intrusive and may not be legal because it goes beyond state law.

The ordinance requires people younger than 18 to have a parent or guardian sign a rental agreement and that rental companies train people in operating the vehicles before they drive off.

City leaders say the rules are designed to improve safety on city streets where there has been a sharp increase of such vehicles in recent years.