Reader photos: You showed us ‘letters and numbers,’ now show us clouds

By Richard Hernandez of Goose Creek: Photo taken at Magnolia Plantation.

We asked for letters and numbers, and you delivered! One of you even delivered some actual postal letters, which we thought was very creative.

In the end, Richard Hernandez captured a very interesting picture of a weather vane at Magnolia plantation that resonated with us the most. We liked the angle from which he shot it, as well as the different textures and overall composition.

Next assignment: Clouds

The rules:

- Send just one (1) photograph to by noon on Thursday, May 28. Include your name, town and where the photo was taken. If you send us multiple photos we will select one randomly.

- We will allow photographs with reasonable watermarks to run in the gallery but for the winning photo that runs in the newspaper we must have a photo that does not have a watermark. If you want to send us one with the watermark (to run online) and one without (to possibly run in the newspaper) please feel free.

- The top pick each week will be featured in the Sunday Arts & Culture section and appear on The Post and Courier Facebook page.