SUMMERVILLE — One last yap. That’s what the dogs got Monday at Dorchester County Council.

Councilman George Bailey asked the council to revisit a derided proposal to restrict the number of dogs that can be kept in suburban neighborhoods, as well as how much noise they can make. Bailey himself compared the law to one regulating squawking birds in May, when the bill was sent to die in his public safety committee.

So why bring it up again? To put it to rest. Council took no action on the proposal — essentially removing it from his agenda.

Along with the nuisance dog proposal, council voted to repeal a “lawful employment” law proposed as a crackdown on illegal workers; the vote was preliminary. State law already covers it, Bailey said.

The dog law reared its head again last spring, after nearly a decade of council weighing and tabling similar proposals. A resident complained in Old Fort Estates near the Wescott Plantation in the Oakbrook area outside Summerville. But inspections and stakeouts found no real problem.

Council members said a nuisance law of that type is an overreach of government and wouldn’t do any more than neighborhood covenants already do.

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