SUMMERVILLE — Dog owner Doug Briggs turned out Monday to oppose a Dorchester County law restricting how many he could keep and how much noise they might make. But he needn’t have bothered.

Not too many members of this council are interested in passing it. Councilman George Bailey, the chairman of the public safety committee where the proposed law was sent last month, kidded that while council was at it, maybe his committee could look at a law regulating squawking birds.

Councilman David Chinnis, who asked for time so Briggs could speak, said the law, restricting dogs in the suburbs, wouldn’t do any more than neighborhood covenants already do.

“We don’t need an unnecessary law to force the sheriff to regulate barking dogs, when somebody’s out there robbing a (pharmacy),” Chinnis said.

Councilman Larry Hargett, who proposed the law last month, sat quiet during the comments.

Hargett had asked the council to revisit the issue, after nearly a decade of tabling similar laws, because of complaints made by a neighbor of Briggs in Old Fort Estates near the Wescott plantation in the Oakbrook area outside Summerville. But Briggs told council that repeated inspections and stakeouts by animal control officers, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control and sheriff’s deputies didn’t find the dogs to be a problem, and another neighbor added she had no trouble with the dogs.

Bailey said last month that the proposal would stay in his committee because of lack of support.

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