Post and Courier wins 80 journalism awards


GREENVILLE — The Post and Courier staff continued its status as the state’s most recognized and award-winning newsroom, picking up 80 awards at the annual S.C. Press Association banquet Saturday, including journalist of the year.

The event marked the seventh time in the last eight years Charleston’s daily has been named South Carolina’s most honored newspaper.

Among the top honors delivered Saturday were recognition for public service, general excellence and Journalist of the Year, Glenn Smith, for his crime-based and in-depth reporting.

The newspaper finished with 80 awards total — including 35 for first place — covering a variety of writing, photography and editing categories.

The Post and Courier also won the association’s “President’s Cup” for total recognitions.

“We have an amazing group of talented people in our newsroom and the recognition by the South Carolina Press Association of 80 awards this year with 35 of those being first place, makes me extremely proud,” Post and Courier publisher P.J. Browning said.

Smith and sports reporter Gene Sapakoff also won the first place Judson Chapman Award for community service for their work in covering the Louis “Skip” Reville sex abuse case.

Reporter Tony Bartelme won second place in the Judson Chapman category for his report on “Finishing the Mark Clark, Winners & Losers.”

The staff took third place for overall political coverage in 2012 that included the Republican presidential primary.

The Post and Courier also won second place for the Montgomery FOIA Award given for keeping the public informed through the state’s open records law.

In award winning stories, the newspaper used the open records law to trace the computer programs used in setting hurricane-related insurance costs, in local crime reporting, examining the Santee Cooper public utility and probing the pattern of arsons in Charleston. Other stories detailed how average citizens use the Freedom of Information Act in seeking data from local governments.

“When you walk away with Journalist of the Year — Glenn Smith — and the overall excellence award on behalf of the entire staff, it’s confirmation of the dedication and hard work the team puts in daily to produce a great paper and a great website,” Browning said.

Among the newspaper’s top prize recipients:

Editorial writer Elsa McDowell won first place for her editorial support of FOIA and Open Government issues.

Reporter Glenn Smith and senior editor Doug Pardue won first place for Investigative Reporting on “Trouble behind the prison walls” about correctional officer misconduct and contraband.

Other awards:

First place, Innovative Concept for its Advantage Membership

Second place, Jay Bender Award for Assertive Journalism

Third place, Sports Specialty Publication or Sports Magazine, for “Tideline”

First place, Feature Specialty Publication or Magazine “My Charleston”

Other individual awards:

First place, Adam Parker, Critical Writing

Second place, Gene Sapakoff, Critical Writing

Third place, Bo Petersen, Critical Writing

Third place, Stephen Largen, Government Reporting

Second place, Diette Courrege Casey, Education Reporting

Second place, Adam Parker, Faith Reporting

First place, Darryl Slater, Sports Beat Reporting

Third place, Travis Sawchik, Sports Beat Reporting

Gene Sapakoff won third place for Series of Sports Articles on “Mentoring through sports”

First place, Beth Harrison, Feature Headline Writing

Honorable Mention, Grace Beahm, Pictorial “Shadows at tennis”

First place, Leroy Burnell, Humorous Photo “Ringling Brothers’ protesters”

Third place, Grace Beahm, Humorous Photo “Zipper the squirrel”

First place, Gill Guerry, Online News Project, “Storm of Money” interactive flash graphic

Guerry also won first place for Informational Graphics Portfolio, and Chad Dunbar won second place for Informational Graphics Portfolio.

First place, Andy Paras, Use of Twitter

Second place, The Post and Courier, Use of Twitter

Third place, Gene Sapakoff, Use of Twitter

Second place, The Post and Courier, Facebook Page

Second place, Elsa McDowell, E.A. Ramsaur Memorial Award for Editorial Writing “The Citadel’s real shame,” “Don’t choke off beach access,” “Stop dumping on us”

First place, Beth Harrison, News Headline Writing

Second place, Bob Kinney, News Headline Writing

First place, Edward Fennell, Gene Sapakoff, and Glenn Smith, Spot News Reporting,“Citadel’s Rosa: ‘We are sorry’”

First place, Andrew Knapp and Robert Behre, Enterprise Reporting

Second place, Glenn Smith and Andrew Knapp, Enterprise Reporting

Third place, Tony Bartelme, Enterprise Reporting

Honorable Mention, Stephen Largen, Enterprise Reporting

First place, Brendan Kearney, Business Reporting

Second place, David Slade, Business Reporting

Third place, Warren Wise, Business Reporting

First place, Andrew Knapp, News Feature Writing,“Murder in the forest”

Third place, Glenn Smith, Profile Feature Writing, “Cannon under fire”

Second Place, Bo Petersen, Short Story

First place, Brian Hicks, Column Writing

Second place, John McDermott, Column Writing

Second place, Frank Wooten, Humor Column Writing

First place, Tony Bartelme, Series of Articles “Storm of Money”

First place, Glenn Smith, Gene Sapakoff, Diane Knich, Reporting-In-Depth, Skip ReVille coverage

First place, Glenn Smith, Beat Reporting, Public Safety and Courts

First place, The Post and Courier, Public Service “Storm of Money”

Third place, Tommy Braswell, Spot Sports Story

Second place, Darryl Slater, Sports Feature Story

First place, Sports Column Writing Gene Sapakoff, “Summerville’s McKissick still on top of his game at 85,” “Courageous fight against molestation,” “Here it comes, Charleston’s CBS commercial”

First place, Maureen Hart- shorn, Page One Design Portfolio

Second place, Maureen Hart- shorn, Single Page One Design

First place, Chad Dunbar, Feature Page Design Portfolio

Third place, Chad Dunbar, Single Feature Page Design

Third place, Luke Reasoner, Sports Page Design Portfolio

First place, Brad Nettles, Spot News Photo “Distraught.”

Second place, Grace Beahm, Spot News Photo “Flooding school pickup.”

Honorable Mention, Grace Beahm Spot News Photo “SWAT standoff”

First place, Grace Beahm, General News Photo “Veronica’s dad”

First place, Tyrone Walker, Feature Photo “Winner”

Third place, Tyrone Walker Feature Photo “Shrimp casting”

Honorable Mention, Tyrone Walker, Feature Photo “DanceFx”

First place, Grace Beahm, Personality Photograph or Portrait “Waiting to vote”

Third place, Grace Beahm, Photo Illustration “Bourbon”

First place, The Post and Courier, Daily Newspaper Website

First place, The Post and Courier, Integration of Print and Web Coverage, “Storm of Money”

Second place, The Post and Courier, Integration of Print and Web Coverage, Spoleto Spotlight

Third place, The Post and Courier,Integration of Print and Web Coverage, 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run

First place, Grace Beahm, Photo Gallery on a Newspaper Website, “Bulls Island winter bow hunt”

Second place, Wade Spees, Photo Gallery on a Newspaper Website, “Jack’s jazz procession”

Third place, Grace Beahm, Photo Gallery on a Newspaper Website, “Lowcounty flooding”

Third place, Chris Hanclosky, Online Sports Video, “Family Circle Cup Tennis”

First place, Chris Hanclosky, Online General News/Feature Video,“PGA Championship”

Second place, Grace Beahm, Online General News/Feature Video “Zipper the squirrel”