Post and Courier launching new section focused on South

Mitch Pugh, Executive Editor of The Post and Courier

A new look is coming Sunday. The Post and Courier will launch a daily newspaper section focused on news and analysis from across the South. The new section is part of a renewed focus to deliver to our readers the best local, state and regional news, in print and online.

Due to its history and singular culture, Charleston has long been among the most influential cities in the South. We have decided to reflect that influence in the daily pages of the newspaper. The goal of The South will be to give Charleston readers a better sense of what is happening elsewhere in the region and how that might influence or have been influenced by events in the Lowcountry.

The content for the section will be a mix of original stories generated by additional freelance writers from around the region, staff-generated original news and carefully selected wire and syndicated copy. The section will also be infused with opinions from across the South, including columns from South Editor Melanie Balog.

But that's not the only change readers will see beginning Sunday.

In addition to this new section, we will begin leading our newspaper with local and state news. Now, the A section of the paper has local news on the front and nation and world stories on the inside. Beginning Sunday, the entire A section will be local and state news and opinion — barring significant breaking national or world news that requires front-page treatment. The B section will be fronted by The South and followed by your national and world news, obituaries, business news and weather.

As part of our renewed commitment to local news, we will be eliminating our zoned Your Lowcountry sections that appear on Thursdays and will instead share that news throughout the week to all of our readers. This news will be infused into our A section, Sports and other existing print sections. If it's local news, not only will we still cover it, it will be more prominent than ever before.

In another exciting move, Assistant Editor Frank Wooten will be joining our metro columnist rotation. In addition to his editorial board duties, Frank will write three days a week. He joins Brian Hicks, who will continue to write three days a week, and Shirley Greene, who will continue to write a Monday column.

All of these moves fit into a more holistic plan designed to position our news organization to continue to be a breaking news leader in the digital space while our printed products focus on forward-looking, in-depth news that puts recent events into perspective. In other words, we want to take advantage of the inherent strengths of digital and print and deliver relevant products to our readers.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at or by calling (843) 937-5534.