A 16-year-old and her infant have been taken into protective custody following reports that the teen’s mother prostituted her for drug money, Walterboro police said.

Police were called to Colleton Medical Center on Friday in response to concerns about an infant’s well-being. The baby had been born premature four days earlier and had medical issues that required a great deal of attention. But the 16-year-old mother had failed to bring the child in for follow-up visits, according to a police report.

Police also learned that several complaints had been made about the living conditions of the teen mother and her baby. In particular, they were told that the teen’s mother had forced her to sell her body to raise cash for drugs, according to a police report.

The teen told officers that she had bounced around for the past year and had not stayed any place longer than two months.

Police decided to take both the teen and her baby into protective custody and have them placed in foster care pending a court hearing.

Police did not say whether arrests have been made in connection with the case.

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