Police seize 10 pounds of marijuana, arrest North Charleston man

Michael Huber, 61, was charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana in proximity of a school on Jan. 2, 2014. (Provided)

North Charleston police seized 10 pounds of marijuana at a Louise Drive home on Thursday.

Authorities arrested Michael Huber, 61, and charged him with trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana in the proximity of a school.

After investigating a "suspicious car" on Louis Drive, police began searching the area due to recent burglaries and copper thefts, an incident report stated.

Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana comring from one of the homes on Louise Drive, the report stated.

Inside the house, police found marijuana inside a locked room and the attic, police said. Investigators also saw "green plant like material" on a digial scale, which Huber hid in a plastic bag in a drawer, according to the report.

Editor's note: Due to information provided, earlier versions of this story had incorrect information. Police seized 10 pounds of marijuana.