A Mount Pleasant man was robbed at gunpoint, assaulted and stuffed into the trunk of his own car, according to police.

At around 11:30 p.m. Oct. 2, a man was getting out of his car at his Wellstead Street home in Park West when another car pulled up behind him rather quickly, a report released Thursday stated. A man jumped out of the backseat of the car and ran up to the man, who was still in his car in front of his home, according to the report.

The suspect pointed a gun at the man’s face and demanded everything he had, the report stated.

The man also hit him with either the gun or his fist, according to the report. After getting out of his car, the man gave the suspect $400 in cash. The suspect then demanded he get into the trunk of the man’s car, the report stated.

Before slamming the trunk door shut, the suspect hit the man on the left side of his face and then closed the trunk, according to the incident report.

The man described the suspect as a black man wearing dark-colored clothing driving a white or silver Toyota Camry, possibly a 2012. Mount Pleasant police authorities said they do not believe this was a random robbery and the case remains under investigation.

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