Police: Lasdon mother throws boiling water at boyfriend, scalds baby

Felicia Faith Johnson, 25, of College Park Road in Ladson is accused of throwing boiling water on her infant son during an argument with her boyfriend.

A Ladson mother threw a crockpot at her boyfriend and badly burned her 15-month-old son, according to North Charleston police.

Police were called to a motel room about 11 a.m. May 3 at 6100 Rivers Avenue, according to an incident report. They reported seeing a man holding his left hand, which appeared to be burned. He told them his girlfriend had thrown the crockpot at him during an argument and boiling water had spilled on their child in his crib, badly burning him.

Police found Felicia Faith Johnson, 25, of College Park Road in Ladson holding the infant in a tub of water in the bathroom, according to the report. An officer noted deep redness on the right side of his head, shoulders, arm and buttocks, and some of the skin had peeled away.

The child was turned over to EMS, who transported him for treatment.

Hospital staff later said the child had second-degree burns, according to the report.

The boyfriend told police Johnson threw the crockpot at him after accusing him of paying more attention to other guys than her, according to the report.

Johnson was arrested and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

She was being held in the Charleston County jail on $75,000 bail Thursday night.

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