Police investigating apparent poisoning of five dogs at West Ashley home

Charleston police are investigating after someone poisoned the water bowls of a West Ashley couple’s five dogs.

Four of the dogs have since died from kidney failure, according to the Charleston Animal Society. They had no serious medical problems before this incident, authorities said.

Police were called to a Colleton Drive home on Friday after the dogs became ill.

One of the owners told officers she noticed around 10 a.m. that her dogs were acting strange, as if they were drunk, an incident report stated. About two hours later, the woman received a call from neighbors saying the dogs were getting sick. She found them vomiting and noticed their water bowls had a green-colored liquid in them, the report stated.

A veterinarian examined the dogs and told police they appeared to have been poisoned with antifreeze, police said.

All but one of the dogs have died, authorities said.

The woman’s husband told officers he believed someone entered their backyard and poured the fluid in the dogs’ bowls, police said.

“Antifreeze is very sweet tasting and dogs and cats will drink it,” said Lucy Fuller, Charleston Animal Society director of public health and spay/neuter initiatives. “Don’t leave it laying around where they can get at it, and keep them out of garage and driveways where antifreeze may have leaked. Just a small amount of antifreeze can lead to kidney damage or failure in cats or dogs.”

Police are still searching for suspects in the poisoning incident. Anyone with information can call Charleston police at 577-7434 or Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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