Pilot study shows $12M in savings among 4 school districts

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A pilot study of four public school districts in South Carolina shows they could collectively save roughly $12 million over five years through efficiencies.

Initial results presented Monday to the Education Oversight Committee show the biggest savings could come in food services, energy conservation, and technology.

Findings include large backlogs of deferred maintenance in two districts resulting in excessive energy use, frequent repairs to air conditioning systems and repeated roof leaks.

This year’s state budget provided $300,000 toward the study.

Four districts were selected from among the 10 that volunteered. Their sizes range from fewer than 750 students at Blackville-Hilda schools to 25,000 students in Summerville schools.

Consultants Tidwell & Associates will make presentations to district officials this week. The final report is scheduled to be completed later this month.