Another phone scam has prompted warnings from local law-enforcement agencies.

In this case, the caller says he has been involved in a wreck with one of your relatives and is holding the relative hostage until you send him money for repairs, according to alerts from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and Charleston Police Department.

The scenario varies from call to call. The caller sometimes starts off with leading questions that gives him the name of the relative he is supposedly holding hostage. Sometimes the caller will say his brother is the one who is angry about this.

The caller usually asks for between $500 and $1,000, although some demands have been higher.

The caller will tell you to wire the money or meet him somewhere. If he tells you to meet him somewhere, he will usually make another call to say something has come up and you must wire the money.

The calls appear to originate outside the local area.

If you get such a call, contact the police or sheriff’s office.