People Against Rape has reached a settlement with workers who were laid off after the agency discovered that tens of thousands of dollars were missing last year.

The three former employees said they were not paid what they were owed and sued on the grounds of negligence and breach of contract.

Board members said after the layoffs that they planned to pay workers and debts as soon as they had the money.

The suit was settled last month, according to court papers. The former workers’ attorney, Michael Whitsitt of Mount Pleasant, said he was not able to talk about the amount of the settlement.

People Against Rape dismissed all its paid employees last September after discovering that $60,000 to $80,000 was missing. The discovery also cost the agency $300,000 in lost grant money until an audit was completed.

Board members blamed a former employee, who resigned and left the state after being confronted with irregularities. An investigation was pending the outcome of an audit.

Former workers Ruby Godley, Jametta King and Amanda Horne sued for damages. The suit also alleges that board members were warned two years earlier that they needed more financial controls and did not properly supervise the employee suspected of taking the money.

People Against Rape continues to operate with trained volunteers. They help women and children cope with the trauma of sexual abuse.

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