One man critically injured in boat accident; no others injured

Boats search the waters of the Wando River after a boat capsized sending one man to the hospital Friday in Mount Pleasant.

— A man was critically injured Friday night when he ran a boat under a dock off Hobcaw Point in the Wando River, authorities said.

Early efforts by first-responders involved every available area rescue boat because it was thought that the man’s family had been with him and were missing in the water.

About 9:20 p.m., a woman who lives on Wandolea Drive heard a loud noise at her neighbor’s dock, said Lt. Chris Weiser of Coast Guard Charleston.

She came outside and saw a capsized boat, Weiser said, and called authorities. Local emergency workers responded along with the Coast Guard.

The man, who has not been identified, told rescuers that his wife and two young children were with him, so they immediately began searching the waterway, said Bud Thames, battalion chief of the Mount Pleasant Fire Department.

“He was talking but wasn’t really making a whole lot of sense,” Thames said. The man had been critically injured and didn’t know where he was.

To rescue workers’ relief, the man’s wife and children, age 2 and 5, were found safely at home.

“She did not believe there was anyone on the boat with him,” Thames said, but because she wasn’t certain, rescuers kept searching. A doctor told Thames that the hospitalized man was in critical condition and not able to answer questions.

The man had hit three docks and four boats. “If you are out of the channel, you run the risk of hitting docks,” Thames said.

Rescue boats came in from the state, county and area municipalities.

The Coast Guard continued to search between the crash site and Ravenel Bridge late Friday, Weiser said, because there wasn’t absolute confirmation that others weren’t involved in the accident.

Cleve O’Quinn and Prentiss Findlay contributed to this report.