Twenty-eight members of a baseball team from Chardon High School in Ohio were evacuated from an Isle of Palms hotel today, as police SWAT team members stormed it looking for a suspect wanted in several crimes in South Carolina and Georgia.

The students' high school was the scene of a school shooting in February in which a student gunman shot five, killing three.

None of the Chardon High School students was injured in the Isle of Palms incident, which ended when police found the suspect's room empty. Many of the students were staying on the third floor where the suspect was supposed to have barricaded himself in a room. One parent said the students evacuated swiftly because they know how to follow instructions.

The Palms Hotel on Isle of Palms was surrounded by police for about two hours with snipers manning nearby roofs.

The alleged shooter in the Chardon shooting was identified as T.J. Lane, 17. He was charged as a juvenile and faces a May 2 hearing to see if he is competent to go to trial.

That shooting was the deadliest shooting at a U.S. elementary or high school since a gunman killed five girls and wounded six in 2006 at an Amish school in Pennsylvania.

Under Ohio law, Lane faces a mandatory transfer to adult court because of his age and the seriousness of the charges against him for the shooting 35 miles (56 km) east of Cleveland. EDITOR'S NOTE: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly stated the number of students killed during the shooting at Chardon High School.