Number of Wando students not complying with chickenpox rules drops from 50 to 22

Wando High School had 50 students who were not in compliance with state chickenpox rules as of Wednesday morning, according to the Charleston County School District.

That number had dropped to 22 by 2 p.m.

“That means 28 of those students have either gotten vaccinated or proven that they have already had the chickenpox,” said Dan Head, a spokesman for the school district. “And we expect the number of students who are not in compliance to continue to drop.”

The school district reiterated the importance of complying with state rules following an announcement Tuesday that five Wando students recently were diagnosed with chickenpox.

The cases came after three students at Wando were diagnosed with chickenpox last month.

In both cases, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control sent a letter to parents through the school district.

Tuesday’s letter states that students who have not previously had chickenpox and who have never been vaccinated against chickenpox, and choose not to receive the varicella vaccine, will be excluded from school until 21 days after the rash onset in the last identified chickenpox case at the school.

“Students who get vaccinated or can show that they have had chickenpox can return to school immediately,” Head said.

School-age students should have two doses of the chickenpox vaccine over the course of a year, according to DHEC.

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