SUMMERVILLE - The town is looking to ban "through trucks" from traveling neighborhood streets in its downtown area, in response to residents' complaints.

But officials frankly concede it's easier said than done.

The move would set up signs banning trucks from traveling without making a stop on South Magnolia Street, just of South Main Street on the historic district fringe of the downtown business district.

The problem is that enforcing the ban would mean police tailing trucks along the street to see whether they do or do not stop en route, said Councilman Bob Jackson. It's a deterrent, Councilman Bill McIntosh said, but "the reality is...the honest people are going to follow (the regulation), the dishonest people aren't."

The move would adopt a S.C. Department of Transportation model, setting a precedent for the town to close off other streets if needed. DOT also is "rolling out" clearer signage on Interstate 26 to direct trucks, said Russ Cornette, town engineer.

Magnolia Street residents appealed in October for more traffic controls, saying cars and trucks use the street as a shortcut and drive too fast.

The move goes to a preliminary vote at the council meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall complex, 200 S. Main St.