A second North Charleston councilman decided to vote against the city’s proposed budget tonight because it contains a small tax increase, but the spending plan easily cleared its first council vote.

Councilman Dwight Stigler said it seemed to him that the tax increase is small enough, raising less than $500,000, that the city should be able to do without it in a $99.9 million budget.

Stigler said sales tax, business license fee, hospitality tax and other city revenues are rising and likely to raise more than expected. He joined Councilman Bobby Jameson in voting against the plan, which will have to clear additional council votes before adoption.

For city residents, the property tax increase would mean another $6 a year for someone with a home worth $150,000, bringing the city’s bill to $570. The tax is 50 percent higher for commercial and rental properties, because of the way property is taxed in South Carolina.

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