North Charleston man wounded after hearing banging on door

A North Charleston man was wounded early Monday after someone banging at his front door began firing a gun at the house, according to the North Charleston Police Department.

Officers responded just before 3:15 a.m. to the home on Westview Street. The victim had been shot in the right upper arm and a bullet grazed his left cheek, a police report states.

He told officers he had been sleeping on the couch and awoke to someone banging on the home’s front door. When he stood up and walked to the door, the suspect began firing at the residence, the report states.

Police found multiple shell casings around the house and multiple bullet holes in the front of the residence. The victim told officers he didn’t know who shot him. He lives in the home with his grandmother, mother, sister and nephew.

Police spoke to several neighbors after the shooting and all said they only heard gunshots and did not witness the incident.

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