A North Charleston man intending to meet an old friend he had reconnected with on Facebook was instead ambushed, stripped naked and robbed at gunpoint early this morning, an incident report stated.

No arrests had been made. The robbers were thought to be juveniles. They stole his cellphones, his car and $15 in cash.

The man, 21, told the North Charleston Police Department that he recently started texting a woman he knew on Facebook as “Aquellah Pretty Lady,” or a similar name.

He went to see her about 2 a.m. today at 2122 Commander Road, which is near Rivers and Cosgrove avenues.

When he arrived, he said the woman texted her that her brother would greet him and escort him to a back door, according to the report.

A short male walked up to him and promised to do that, but before they reached the backyard, more young males swarmed around him, the report stated. The alleged victim estimated that between two and five robbers were involved.

They took off his clothes as one cocked a handgun and pointed it at the back of his head. They made off with his cash, driver’s license, two cellphones valued at $800 and $2,500 Buick Park Avenue, the report stated.

The man provided little description of his assailants. He said the black person who first met with him was about 5-foot-2 and had a young-sounding voice.

Police officers found the apparent victim naked on the home’s porch. A resident lent him a pair of pants, and officers found his shirt and underwear in the front yard.

The authorities tried tracking the man’s iPhone to Post Street, but they couldn’t find anything there. Other officers were told to look for his Buick.

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