North Charleston man charged with attempted murder in attack on roommate

Robert Dale Nolan, 37, of Ozark Street, has been charged with attempted murder.

North Charleston police on Wednesday charged a man with attempted murder in a brutal attack on a male roommate, according to an incident report.

Robert Dale Nolan, 37, of Ozark Street, was being held Thursday at the Charleston County jail pending a bond hearing.

Police responded around 8 p.m. Wednesday to Nolan’s apartment to aide paramedics in an apparent assault, the report stated.

The victim was unconscious, having suffered severe injuries to his head and face, police said.

A witness and friend of the victim told investigators he heard Nolan say he “snapped” and beat the man. The victim’s friend urged Nolan to call for help, the report said, but Nolan insisted the bloodied man was fine, conscious and could wait to have is injuries tended to in the morning.

Another witness reported seeing Nolan carry a plastic bag behind the apartment building, police said. Investigators searched for the bag and found that it contained blood-soaked sheets, towels and paper towels, according to the report.

Blood was also found spattered on the apartment’s floors and walls, police said. A large amount of blood was found in the home’s bedroom, the report said.

The victim was transported to Medical University Hospital for treatment.

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